Hangarage Contracts

Annual Hangarage

Full-year licences run from 1st January to 31st December. Licences commencing mid-year shall start on the 1st of a month and end on 31st December. Such licenses are charged pro-rata, and movements and washes apply proportionately.

The hangarage charge is calculated on the area that the aircraft occupies in the hangar with a minimum total annual charge of £8,625.

Monthly Hangarage

The hangarage charge is also calculated based on the area that the aircraft occupies in the hangar and a minimum total monthly charge of £863 applies.

Standard Services Included in Price:

  • Hangarage in modern, heated, dehumidified hangar (only one in Guernsey)
  • 96 annual aircraft movements (48 departures + 48 arrivals)
  • Passenger & baggage handling
  • Passenger & crew lounges
  • Customs & immigration facilitation
  • ATC slot co-ordination
  • Weather facilities
  • Flight planning facilities
  • Coffee/ice/water
  • Toilet servicing
  • Ground power
  • Up to 6 annual aircraft washes as required
  • Airside access for vehicles with prior arrangement

* Contact ian@aiglle.com for information on insurance and to receive a personalised quote.